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Our 3-Step Process

While no financial planning process is identical, we pride ourselves in having a comprehensive process that you can count on.

Step 1: All About You

We first learn where you are on your financial journey and where you want to get to. We do this by gathering account data and holdings to see how you are allocated and assign you a current risk score; giving insights into how much risk you are currently taking in the market in an easy to understand format. We utilize technology which looks at over 30 years of market returns to paint this picture. After this is determined, we ask questions to determine what level of risk you are comfortable with and what is appropriate for your individual plan. Risk is at the very center of how we think about financial planning and investments. 

Step 2: TRDC's Expertise

In this step, we provide you with investment options; clearly contrasting how you are currently allocated and where we recommend you should re-position to based on your risk tolerance and newly developed financial plan. 

As always, every step of the way is a collaborative approach and centers around your goals and aspirations.

Step 3: Our Conversation

We view the final step of your financial journey to be an ongoing, living and breathing relationship with us; constantly adapting to market conditions and changes in your life. It is this collaborative process that allows us to make course corrections as the rivers of your financial landscape change. No matter how big or small those changes are, we are here for your well-being.

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