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From our experience of being at both large multinational corporations and smaller, independently owned and operated businesses, we made the decision to be a small independently owned business knowing that we would always have the ability to bring the best technology available to our advisors and clients. Below is a sampling of some of the technology we use for the benefit of clients, whether they be individuals, families or 401ks/pensions and importantly, how it impacts your life. 

1. eMoney - Largely regarded as one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly financial planning packages, both advisors and clients benefit from its ease of use and ability to model complex financial plans. Want to see what happens if you retire a few years early? Done. Need to figure out the probability of a successful financial plan assuming you want to pay for a loved one's college or post secondary education? Easy. Can you afford to take that vacation you've always wanted to or buy a "camp" and be financially guilt free? This is what we do here at Three Rivers Diversified Capital, LLC, connecting your hard earned wealth with what makes you happy and fulfilled. 

A convenient mobile app also links your entire financial life from bank accounts and even the value of your collectables and real estate (Zillow Estimate) if you so choose.

2. Simply Safe Dividends - A unique software package that quantifies and visualizes our unique proprietary value portfolio taking into account not just the relative safety of the current dividends but historically what the growth of those dividends has been. 

3. LPL's Proprietary Risk Scoring System - a system that uses decades of investment data similar to Riskalyze, now Nitrogen, that puts into context the risk inherent in your asset allocation as a whole. This provides context to how much risk you currently hold and what the overall return profile of your investments could look like. At Three Rivers Diversified Capital, you'll know what you own, why you own it and how much risk is involved. 

4. fi360 - No surprise that we make the investment in this leading software as well. We primarily utilize this tool so that 401k and pension plan sponsors can be confident the holdings in their constituent's portfolios pass the fiduciary standard and they are getting value add from us here at TRDC. 

5. LPL's Account Management System - provides the client with an easy to use online interface and leading mobile app to see your investments and account activity.

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